Finding the right information in this era of information gluttony is stupendous! Apprehending the importance of a school library and the value of reading in the aim of ensuring we raise literate and resourceful children, Al Iman Schools library is a center of diversity and variety for acquiring knowledge and skills.

The library, as it is integral to the learning and teaching process, has been designed to accommodate the ever-growing demand of pedagogical changes. It further collaborates with educators to plan, implement and evaluate inquiry-based occasions ensuring of more collective, critical analysis of learning sessions. It consists of a collection of variable sources of information, made accessible for reference and borrowing. The annual “Read Runner Challenge” marathon is well received by students and parents alike.

Its expansion exceeds any bookworms’ expectations. Over 1500 books are at the students’ disposal. These comprise of fiction, nonfiction, literature, science, maths, Islam, Arabic, Sinhala, IT, arts and crafts etc. with an admirable collection of books on both physiological and psychological development.

Al Iman Schools further aspires to emerge as a more modified hub for reading, in future, with innovation par excellence service to every discerning child.