The main criteria that we look for in any new student entering Al Iman Schools is his/her parents. Parent’s commitment to their children’s education is the most important factor in the success of any student. Parents and the school need to work together to help the student develop through love, lots of attention, and sacrifice. It is crucial for parents to develop the right home environment for their children. In simple terms we look for families whose goals for their children are compatible with the school’s own goals.

Al Iman Schools does not discriminate students based on any race, colour, nationality and ethnic origin. Students are selected and admitted on their merits and equal access to rights, privileges, resources, educational programs and activities are available to all students at Al Iman Schools.

Al Iman School has both a closed in-house registration and an open registration. The closed in-house registration in June is for those students currently enrolled, for siblings of current or former students and children of staff members. Open registration begin in July following closed registration and continues as long as spaces are available.