Admission Process

The primary goal throughout the admission process is to provide information about the school while learning as much as possible about the prospective student. The School considers the benefit of both the applicant as an individual as well as the Al Iman community as a whole.

  1. Parents meet with Director and tour the school-

The school will be introduced to the parents, where parents will learn more about the program and the curriculum taught. This will be an opportunity for parents to ask questions and discuss anything with the School Head. The ensuing tour will provide parents a glimpse of the school environment and learning experience.

The meeting with the director is strictly with prior appointment.

  1.   Completion of Application of Admission-

Those interested in enrolling at Al Iman Schools, should register themselves for Enrollment by submitting the duly filled Application Form with the relevant documents by making a Registration Fee of Rs 500. This is a process fee covering the cost of potential student assessment and the process of admission. Only applications on the prescribed form issued by the school are accepted. Submission of application does not guarantee enrollment.

  1. Potential Student takes a Developmentally Appropriate Assessment and experiences a day visit in classroom-
      • Depending on the space available at the intended level of learning, the child may be called for an assessment.
      • All applicants are not called for an assessment, neither is any reason given for the rejection of the application, other than the inability to interview all applicants.
      • Potential students are assessed based on language proficiency, general knowledge, ability to follow instructions, number concept, auditory skills, paper-pencil skills, language concepts, visual skills, and the gross motor skills. In addition all potential students for higher grades are assessed in Language Arts, Mathematics and Qur’anic knowledge pertaining to their age/ grade level.
      • They also experience a day visit in a classroom associating with fellow students and healthy interactions that portrays their maturity level.
  1. Parents receive notification of decision regarding admission-

The Admission Committee will make the decision after screening each application. The school has an admission policy and selections are made according to this. If admission is successful, parents will be notified accordingly.

  1. Parent completes Enrollment Process by making Enrollment Payment. 

Enrollment Requirements-

  • For Admission to Pre-School learning levels (Toddler, Nursery and Reception) child must be 3 years of age by 31st of December, whereas for admission to Grade 1 child must be 6 years of age by 31st of December.
  • Though Age Guidelines are generally stated as above, adhering to the DAP system, which focuses on growth and development rather than age alone, the above age guidelines may be flexible depending on each individual child.
  • The child must be toilet trained prior to the admission to the program.
  • The school looks at more favourably towards families that play an active role in the overall care of child health, comfort, and demonstrates greater enthusiasm for improvement of child’s learning and literacy.
  • After accepting a child, if it is determined that he/she has emotional or behavioral problems and/or severe learning disabilities, the child may be asked to leave as programs are not available at Al Iman Schools to meet the needs of these children.
  • Required Documentation-
      • Birth Certificate
      • Copy of updated immunization and medical records.
      • Copy of Parents National ID/Passport.
      • 3 passport size photographs of the child.
      • Proof of Income (In the form of 6 months Bank Statement or Last Salary Statement or any other)
      • Leaving Certificate of previous school if applicable 

While understanding your great need to provide a good education for your child, please do understand our inability to accommodate all who apply.

For any admission inquiries please email or call +9471 6111 999

*While Al Iman School acknowledges the importance of education to all, the school at present is not fully resourced to accommodate students with certain learning difficulties. Hence the admission of students with learning difficulties may depend on each individual child on case by case basis.