The parent body of Al Iman Schools is considered a crucial component of the Al Iman family. The relationship between the parents and the school is of utmost importance at Al Iman as we believe that this establishes the close connection between school and home. By far the most influential people in a child’s life are his/her parents. At all stages of education, their support can play a vital role. The supportive role of parents makes a difference in the achievement level and behavior of children.  

Students tend to engage positively with their educators and peers when the parents actively get involved in the life of the school thus helping to promoting the learning community. The expectation of the Al Iman parent is to provide their child/children with an Islamic education along with contemporary studies thus making the process of implementing an integrated Islamic curriculum a reality.

Our Parents… 

  1. Are encouraging, loving and caring,
  2. Help their children overcome certain learning obstacles thus boosting their motivation and improving self-esteem
  3. Assist by encouraging their children to embrace the concepts learnt in school through reviewing and revising with the guidance provided in the newsletter prepared by the educators
  4. Creative, innovative and inspiring,
  5. Actively participate in the life of the school,
  6. Express their views on school education.