Be a Volunteer

Opportunity for Al Iman parent volunteers

Parents now have a chance to play a larger role in their children’s education by becoming parent volunteers. Assisting teachers as a volunteer benefits your own and other children and strengthens the ties between your school and community.

Parent volunteers do not take the place of teachers. Rather, their duties involve relieving teachers of many necessary non-teaching duties, thus, giving teachers more time for students.

Duties of parent volunteers

To ensure that no confusion arises between the role of a teacher and a volunteer, a volunteer’s duties are performed under the direction of the teacher. The volunteer’s duties may include the following:

  • Giving instructional support
  • Assisting with clerical tasks, audio-visual material and special projects
  • Contributing special talents, such as offering information about a hobby or area of special knowledge
  • Preparing learning center materials from home.
  • Scheduling reading circles and volunteering to read to or be read to by students.
  • Helping to clean the school premises and school garden at the beginning of each term.
  • Organizing worksheets and assisting in putting together student portfolios.
  • Assisting in the planning preparation and supervising of art and design projects.
  • A helping hand at special events and fundraisers.

Obligations of parent volunteers

 As a parent volunteer, you can look forward to an interesting and rewarding experience, while at the same time learning firsthand about your child’s school. Ask a friend to become a volunteer with you—these programs need continuous support if they are to benefit students.

In order to be of the greatest benefit to students, teachers and themselves, parent volunteers have certain obligations.

  • Volunteers must observe all school policies and regulations and be aware that teachers have the ultimate responsibility in the classroom.
  • Volunteers must hold all matters connected with the school in confidence.
  • Volunteers should respect the professional role and judgment of the teachers and school administrators.
  • Volunteers should try to meet their commitment on a regular basis. This is important if teachers are depending on volunteers’ help when planning activities.

Be a Volunteer and learn about the unique experiences and benefits of Educating and Help Educate by stepping in to the Inner World of Al Iman.

Types of Volunteering

  • Weekly/by-weekly/monthly Volunteers-
  • Project Volunteers-

If you are interested in Volunteering you can become a member of Al Iman Volunteering Team by filling in the Al Iman Volunteer Application Form (Download Here).  You will be called in, as and when the need arises. This page will keep you updated of upcoming Volunteering Opportunities.

!جزاك اللهُ خيراً

May Allah Reward Your Intention.