At present Al Iman Schools offers the following Extra-Curricular Non Academic Activities that enhances the mental and physical confidence of our young Imanians.


Karate at Al Iman schools is in collaboration with JSKA Sri Lanka (Japan Shotokan Karate Association Sri Lanka), an affiliated body to the Sri Lanka Karate Do-Federation National Body under the Ministry of Sports (SLKF/Aff/J/192).

JSKA Sole representative Sri Lanka, Chief Instructor and Chief Examinor Sensei T.A.S.Saldeen leads from the forefront the weekly one and half hourly Wednesday Karate sessions taking Karate to a new height.


Emphasizing the importance of swimming, the Hadith recorded by Tabrani R.A narrated by Hadrat Jabir R.A reports of Prophet PBUH to have said, “Everything devoid of the remembrance of Allah is in vain except for 4 things. One of that is learning the art of swimming.”

In order to cultivate this skill that may help save lives, in our young Imanians Coach Sanjaya Perera conducts weekly Tuesday swimming classes for boys at Kinross Pool.


Our young students with a lot of Iman, start their day early with Fajr prayers followed by one and half hourly Hifz classes conducted by Hafiz Irshad Athambawa who himself has completed his HIFZ studies at the young age of 18.

Hafiz Irshad has completed his Arabic language studies at Islamic University of Tripoli, Libya and International Islamic University (IIU) of Islamabad, Pakistan. After the successful completion of his Arabic language education, he continued his further education at IIU of Islamabad and completed his BA in Islamic Studies in 2007.  Hafiz Irshad has also completed his M.Phil on Comparative Religions at the IIU of Islamabad.

Hence Hifz is an important Extra-Curricular activity at Al Iman to bring Quran closer to our children.