Toddler class is the initial stage of school life for any child. Part of Toddler class is to learn about sharing and getting along with others. At Al Iman Schools, Toddler Class children at the age group of two to three years learn through play by physically moving around and getting involved. At this level, they begin participating and concentrating in activities for an extended period such as listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and doing art projects. Through stories children learn to appreciate language, gain new vocabulary, and learn to use new words and concepts. Simple participatory songs and games are important introductions to speech, patterns, sensory motor skills development and movement skills. The children learn to explore, inquire and discover solutions by themselves. Toddlers also learn through sand play and water play, the two vital types of activities at the early learning stage. These fun learning activities are all age appropriate and they help build confidence, instil self-esteem, encourage self-expression and develop social skills at a tender age.

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Watermelon Day

Watermelon Day

Our little toddlers had a fun filled day making a soothing watermelon juice in line with the current theme- Fruits and Vegetables. Masha Allah it was a very successful activity and they had stupendous fun scooping the watermelon and making the juice. They learnt to work independently and in a team.  As most of the kids these days dislike consuming fruit juices, this activity totally changed our toddlers into loving fruit juice as they also learnt the benefits they get by drinking healthy juice.



Watermelon Juice