Children’s growth and development follow certain patterns. Just as children’s height, weight and physical abilities change, so do things such as their attention span, their sense of humour, their tendency to prefer large or small groups in social settings, and their sensitivities to change, risk taking, and friendship challenges. Knowing our students in these areas, deeply impact their learning. When classrooms are designed, lessons, curricular projects, and routines according to the educator’s knowledge of student’s strengths and needs, we create classrooms that allow students to be more successful, both socially and academically.

In Year 4 just as it is in all other grades importance given to reciting the Quran with correct pronunciation and Tajweed rules are introduced gradually. Islam is integrated into most of the subjects such as mathematics, science, elocution etc.., We do our best to enrich children’s learning experiences through thought and inquiry in our daily discussion. Furthermore, we enjoy creating fun and meaningful projects for our students at this level.