“I love Al Iman schools because it is an Islamic school. Children in our school are young and well mannered. I like the school because my teachers teach me things I never knew.  They teach us through play and learn activities. It has responsible and really helpful teachers and students. I wish it will keep going a long way. (INSHALLAH) I LOVE MY SCHOOL!

Sauda Zaheed, Year 5 (2014)

I joined Al Iman Schools in October 2013. My first day of school was very interesting as I found out new methods of teaching that was used in this school. Compared to other schools I’ve been to this school has much better teachers and friends.

Muhammed Aakif, Year 5 (2014)

“Al Iman Schools is the best school I have ever gone to. The principal and teachers are so kind, we have a very fresh environment and everyone is kind to each other. If you make a mistake they don’t shout at you, they tell you to learn from your mistake and do not do it again. There we play outdoor activities, indoor educational games and more. The thing that I like most about Al Iman Schools is that we start the school with a dua and end the school with dua. I like all the teachers and students in this school. All of them are very helpful kind and caring. I love Al Iman Schools.”

Waqar Ishan, Riyadh Saudi Arabia (2014)

“From the time I studied in Al Iman schools I learnt a lot from toys and computers like how to solve puzzles and build objects. I was one of the first students in Al Iman schools. When I joined Al Iman I was only four years old and we had only two teachers to teach us but then after years Al Iman School grew very fast and it has 21 teachers and 170 students from 2 teachers and 3 students. Now I have grown and studied and come up to grade 5 the biggest class. Now the school is going to separate girls and boys by building a whole new premises so that Al Iman can grow even big and other students can learn the same as I did in the past.”

Ahmed Azim, Year 5 (2014)

“I think my school will be developed well after few years In sha allah. The teachers in Al Iman Schools encourage the students a lot. Rukshana Muallima is the principal of our school and she does a very good job to develop the school”

Saabir Irfan, Year 5 (2014)

“Al Iman is like a family to me. The teachers are very kind and explain things well. I love the library because it has loads of books. Al Iman has competitions such as Read Runner Challenge, Debates etc. We have lots of fun like Water Day, Sports Day and Eid Party etc. I learn a lot of things from Al Iman. I pray to Allah to give us a better and bigger school and to bless Al Iman. I love Al Iman and proud to be an Imanian.

Maryam Dhilshan, Year 5 (2014)

 “Our school began with 3 students and now there are 180 students. I think our school Al Iman is developing. Now we have two sections in our school. One for the girls and the other for the boys. Al Iman School is the greatest school you could ever go to”

Rumaiza Rashad, Year 5 (2014)

“When I was told I will be going to another school, l was so sad to leave my old friends. Unwillingly I had to attend Al Iman school. When l came here I had to cooperate with girls also since l studied only with boys in my former school. First I was a bit scared. Time passed by, days became weeks and weeks became months and I was feeling like I was enjoying in a different environment. We have a lot of fun while studying. Our directress and the teachers are our friends. We play and learn a lot at Al Iman. All the students at Al Iman are so intelligent, brave as well as helpful to each other. I am so happy to say that Al Iman gives us Islamic knowledge as well.”

Zufar Zuhrie, Year 5 (2014)

I am a student of Al Iman School. My school colours are peach and purple. There  are ten subjects in our syllabus. My favorite  subjects are English, elocution, science and arts and craft. Our teachers are very kind and helpful in our work. We have a big play ground an interesting library and a computer lab. The school takes us to swimming classes. My school gives us interesting projects to do. I enjoy going to school everyday.Humaira Miflal, Year 4 (2014)