Iman Academy management policies and procedures are aligned with fundamental Islamic building blocks, such as: truthfulness, honesty, prioritization (loving God more than your self-interest), integrity, patience, fairness, equity, humility, satisfaction, generosity, dignity, and trustworthiness. While it is safe to generalize that these are universal human virtues, in Islam these virtues are considered commands directly from God; commands which must be obeyed and strictly adhered to by all Muslims. Read more about the Board of Directors at Iman Academy below.

Azim Abdul Majeed

Inspiring everyone around him to think “massive” and always approaching in a manner that is against the norm. With his thoughts and dreams out of this world but his feet rooted and grounded with humility, not forgetting his true self. Full of passion towards what he has his heart set on; one of the founders of Iman Academy – Azim Abdul Majeed.

He had been working in the IT Networking industry for over 18 years. He was primarily a Network Design Architect and later moved into IT Project Management & IT Governance. He has obtained the coveted Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Azim Abdul Majeed was instrumental in the designing and migration of Saudi ARAMCO’s Pride and the most Mission Critical operation, OSPAS (Oil Supply Planning And Scheduling) Network.

He always enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge and experience generously working in IT Governance and Service Management Projects. Having seen the social issues of the community, he identified education as the root cause of it all to be fixed. He left his IT Career, returned to Sri Lanka and together with his wife started Iman Academy.

As the director of Iman Academy, he has conducted various internal CPD programmes in the ICT and leadership arenas for the staff, both academic and administrative. He also specializes in the Microsoft Office application for which he is an internal Consultant and Trainer. Azim is an explorer and self-driven learner, who shares a piece of the education puzzle with the senior students during classroom engagement.

Rukshana Hassen

A lady with a dream in her eyes and wears her heart on her sleeve. An educationist who strives for her community. Full of drama and enthusiasm in everything she touches in life. An inspiration, a shoulder to lean, a symbol of hope to so many.

A product of Methodist College and now one of the founders of Iman Academy, Rukshana Hassen, holds a Master’s in Education, University of Nottingham. She has received First class honours in Post Graduate in Education. She is an Associate of Trinity College London for Speech & Drama (2000).

Rukshana Hassen was invited to join a panel at the Islamic Education conference in Adelaide, Australia conducted by University of South Australia’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE). This brought together four educators from around the globe who are all alumni of the Islamic Teacher Education Program (ITEP).

Rukshana in her own respective role as school leader has grappled with a vision of Islamic schooling, internalized conceptions of Islamic Pedagogy from her ITEP studies, and enacted innovative ways of Islamic pedagogy in practice in her own unique schooling context.

Through short pre-recorded videos, she along with three other educators around the world, shared practical case examples of how Islamic pedagogy was implemented along with reflections on impact on student learning. She also received the opportunity to co-write and co-edit a collection of books on Islamic Pedagogy by CITE.

Ms. Hassen also shares her aura of inducing vivid imagination in the ELC age group on occasional visits. As Head of School, she capitalizes on her research intense nature to keep up with trending pedagogical practices. Her extensive knowledge in Evidence Based Teaching strategies has been instrumental to the Imanian classroom. Rukshana is a Senior Edu-Trainer at Iman Academy widening the scope of modern pedagogy in and outside the classroom.

Bushra Abdul Sattar

This street-smart feminist propagates that only quality education is the resolution for all global crises. She is a daughter, a sister and a mother figure to her loved ones – the source of her strength and wisdom. Bushra Abdul Sattar is an introverted extrovert who thrives on interpersonal relationships with a balance of appreciating self-reflection & introspection.

She is a strong believer of creating change in the world and did her amateur part by being a part of youth organisations’ events as a young adult. She has actively played the role of President for two consecutive years for the Junior Chamber International (JCI) – Wellawatte. Ms. Abdul also went on to practice her fluency in speech on stage by qualifying to be a Toastmaster and hopes to pursue this line of self-development.

Bushra is a product of Ilma International Girls’ School, where she was recognised for her leadership skills. Combined with her extroversion, choosing the study in Human Resources Management seemed undeniable. She gained her Professional Qualification in Human Resources Management at IPM, Sri Lanka – World Federation on Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA) in the year 2014.

After a couple of years of being a middle school educator, Bushra pursued her career at Iman Academy, completely awed by its ideology and philosophy of education. She is currently designated as the Head of Staff Development Management & Care. Bushra also teaches a middle school class to widen understanding of her peers. It is here that she gained her Pearson BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Advanced Teaching qualification. On top of being a member of the Board of Directors at Iman Academy, she is also natural ambassador of the Imanian culture and vision – a place she calls home.

A poet, a thinker, an explorer, an innovator, a part-time procrastinator, an optimist.

Shaziya Fayas

One of the pioneer parents (since 2008), all three of her children currently study at Iman Academy. She is also a part time educator and heads the team of the volunteer mums group (Mothers for Al Iman). She is an extroverted individual who loves to interact with people and blogs during her free time.

Her parenting journey has been an eye opener and exposed her to the challenges in nurturing offsprings to be future ready. She praises Allah for being fortunate in being directed towards Iman Academy first as a parent, as this institution has been a catalyst in exposing her to the changing pedagogies in education.

Realizing that global changes need to be reflected in our education systems, she has stepped forward to be an ambassador to support Iman Academy. She actively engages in learning about alternative pedagogies and implementing them in the classroom. She is passionate about teaching and creatively imparting – age old concepts to these young minds.

A Product of Ilma International Girls’ School, she left school after completing her Edexcel Advanced Levels in the year 1999. She was the founder secretary of the Ilma International Old Girls’ Association, a successful finalist of the CIMA (UK), she has also pursued “The Islamic Teacher Education Program” from the University of Ontario.

True to her commitment in staying up to date about the ways education keeps evolving she has also completed the module on “What future for Education?” offered by the University of London through the online learning platform Coursera.

Rusham Monsoor

Mr. Rusham Monsoor, a father to a daughter and a son, is from the central hills of Kandy. Rusham and his wife are active participants of the Imanian parent body.

A product of Azhar College, Akurana – Kandy and is the founder president of the Junior Past Pupils Association (Junior Azharians Union) of the college. Rusham holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Sunderland, United Kingdom and is a Business Assurance Professional. Mr. Monsoor is an Entrepreneur, Business System Analyst, Leadership Skills Trainer and a speaker at various technical forums around the world. He is also an associate member of Chartered Institute of Management Accounts in the United Kingdom and Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. Further is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Moreover, his industry specific training includes Master of Telecoms Revenue Assurance and Certified Fraud Analyst. His professional experience ranges from Auditing to CDMA Revenue Assurance to GSM Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, Business Consultancy, Corporate Training and counts more than 15 years, in Sri Lanka, United States, Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Rusham is an advocate of fine education and seeks avenues in this regard.