Educators at Iman Academy are the heart of the school – highly knowledgeable in Developmentally Appropriate Practices. Our educators bring their own creativity, insight and love of learning into the classroom. More importantly they are known for their love, care and concern they use to connect with each individual child.

We recognize that learning is the result of a strong partnership of parents, teachers and the community, as students are challenged to become active participants in the quest for excellence. Our goal is to ensure a safe, creative, stimulating and caring environment which promotes self-esteem, sound character, responsibility and respect for diversity.

This culture in educators benefits students to become knowledgeable, skillful, life-long learners who are contributing citizens in our changing society. Educators are a vital part of the lives of our students and we are confident in your abilities to play such a role.

SDMC – Staff Development Management & Care designs opportunities for staff to improve programme-planning skills, enhance collaborative and leadership skills, and to observe various pedagogical styles and techniques. Continuously updating one’s knowledge and skills to suit the best practice in Education is vital in keeping up with the Global transformations and innovation that is constantly evolving. Peer and mentor guidance is significant in the Imanian Edu-culture.

The ambiance of the Imanian environment is filled with the educators’ aura, their smiles, their personalities, their warmth, their skills, their understanding, their acceptance of who they are and the transformations they make!