Imanian Integration

The ‘Imanian Integration’ which is the integrated curriculum followed at the Iman Academy, brings meaning to learning as a whole. We are determined that our curriculum be a means of moulding young learners into confident and capable young adults who will strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives.

It is an education system that develops an individual intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. One that will bring him/her closer to his/her Creator and cultivate him/her into an accountable social citizen. This is not possible without dynamic knowledge and the internalization of values and moral teachings coupled with the sound technical know-how of secular subjects. The intended outcome for our students is that they turn out to be a blessing to other communities and individuals and stand as model inspirations for their families and others.

The curriculum has a blend of both secular subjects and value based content. The secular subjects are governed by the guidelines set by the Pearson Edexcel curriculum. These subjects are facilitated by our educators, incorporating self-directed learning (SDL) mechanisms to harness independent learners. The integration of English with Science or ICT with Mathematics for example, is a specialty at Iman Academy, towards a more meaningful and lifelong learning.

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Iman Academy preschool and primary program is guided by the Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), which is powered by the NAEYC – National Association for the Education of Young Children. It is an approach to teaching, that is grounded by research on how young children develop, learn and grow in an effective learning environment. The NAEYC is a platform that continuously endorses quality in early childhood education. Its framework is designed to promote young children’s (ages 0 to 8) optimal learning and development.

With the use of knowledge about child development, DAP creates a programme that is suitable to the age and stage of development of each individual child. Thus, recognizing each child as an exceptional; encouraging them to learn through play; cultivating cultural and social responsiveness by knowing the child’s background to help provide a meaningful, relevant, and respectful learning experience for both the child and family; are core in DAP to enhance self-initiated learning. Iman Academy approach children with differentiated learning styles to cater to the needs of each individual child in order to ensure thorough understanding of curriculum content and cultivate the love for learning within each child.

In order to strike a balance between the academic and spiritual curriculum and to achieve integrated excellence in doing so, the Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) has been adopted as the foundation on which our own unique curriculum has been built upon from scratch, based on the deep understanding of the needs of our children in the community.

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